Chairman André, together with the board and volunteers, fights for the day-to-day funding of the crisis shelter for underprivileged youngsters that his foundation has built in Moldova. Closure is threatened if the local government does not cover the annual operating costs, contrary to the agreement. Their aid to underprivileged young people becomes even more out of focus when the building fills up with war refugees from neighboring Ukraine. Will the foundation succeed in finding a way out?

The Agreement is a documentary film about community engagement, social bonding and unconditional solidarity.


Production details: Release date: december 2024
Length: 85min, 3x22min
Language: Dutch, English, Romanian, with Dutch/English subtitles
Financial support by:
In collaboration with: Stichting Orhei – Bunschoten-Spakenburg, The Netherlands
Fundația ”Grația” – Căușeni, Moldova
Special thanks to: RTV Utrecht, Eemland1
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