“You have to focus on what you are doing,
not just as a photographer, but as a human being”

-Anders Petersen, photographer

Photographer and filmmaker for a good quarter of a century, I focus on the visual space of everyday life in communities. In a humanist spirit, I reach out to a story in depth and breadth about the loves, frictions and cracks in life.

My photos have been published in various magazines, including ei8ht photojournalism, Third Text and the Dutch daily de Volkskrant. My work is also included in museum collections in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This Bittersweet Life is my photodocumentary-in-progress about Trasnistria, the poorest corner in Europe.

A large part of my work came into being in close collaboration with Elisa Veini, my partner in work and life.
e: paul@titojoe-docs.nl
t: +31 6 21373301

De laatste ronde. De Volkskrant (NL), A. Haijtema, 24-2-2017. (Café Bostella)
Ook de ‘Ollanders dragen Julia op handen, BN/De Stem (NL), 17-10-2016. (Café Bostella)
Portret van een echt volkscafé, BN/De Stem (NL), C. Hagenaars, 3-10-2015. (Café Bostella)
Het leven zoals het is, Gazet van Antwerpen (BE), 30-09-2015. (Café Bostella)
Nederlanders verliefd op Vlaams Volkscafe en Julia, Nieuwsblad BE (BE), 25-2-2017. (Café Bostella)
Monsterkamer: Café Bostella. Paul van der Stap & Elisa Veini (2017) (Café Bostella)
Brabants carnaval van binnenuit, PhotoQ, 4-2-2009. (Carnival Days)
In feestkostuum in de kerkbanken, De Volkskrant (NL), A. Haijtema, 19-2-2009. (Carnival Days)
Carnavalsdagen, Neerlandia (NL), P. de Boer, 1-2009/113. (Carnival Days)
Carnaval ís, BN/De stem (NL), 19-2-2009. (Carnival Days)
In Focus Carnavalsdagen. Focus Fotomagazine (NL), 2-2009. (Carnival Days)
Carnavalsdagen book review, Cornald Maas in Opium TV, Dutch National Broadcast NPO1, 28-2-2009
Carnival days, Bint photobooks, 2014
Dalit Lives, foto8 book review, Sophie Wright, 19-12-2007 (Dalit Lives)