This documentary film is a personal story. In 2005, my partner Elisa Veini and I adopted a daughter from China. As our daughter was just a toddler of 1.5 years old and our parenthood had just started, we looked at the experiences of other adopted children and their parents. Finally we decided to film a family with a daughter who was a couple of years older, from our daughter’s orphanage, and our own family. It took us five years to make the film.

With this film, we hoped to give insight into what it means to grow up with a background that is different from the rest of the family – and to be proud of that background. Their special bond as children from the same country, and the same place, gives an extra dimension to the girls’ lives. Being adopted is not only a wound, it can also be quite interesting, at least if you are five years old and fond of all things Chinese.




Credits: Written, directed, edited and produced by: Paul van der Stap & Elisa Veini; Camera & Sound: Paul van der Stap; Script & Research: Elisa Veini
Supported by:
Special thanks to: Ruth and her family, Sara
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