New publication: book and film Café Bostella

dscf5569_dev1_ps1_portra_fullres_watermark_1200pxThe documentary film Café Bostella is now available on DVD, together with a book of the same title.

Paul (director, camera, photography): ‘We have filmed in the pub for three and half years. In the period, we became familiar with the unique athmosphere and the visitors. The photo book is an extension on the film that is mainly about Julia, the pub owner. The book shows the pub from the visitors’ perspective.’

Elisa (director, script, editor): ‘As we wanted to give more depth to the story of Julia and the pub, we decided to extend the book also with a short essay about the history of the pub. The story of Julia and her much-loved pub is one of rapid changes in the society, and in people’s habits. Traditional pubs may be rescued just in time from vanishing for good, as more and more people start to realise their value.’
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