Leven als dalit | Dalit lives – book

Paul van der Stap Elisa Veini documentary projects India Dalits

Paul van der Stap (photos) and Elisa Veini (text): Leven als Dalit – ‘Kastelozen’ in hedendaags India / Dalit Lives – ‘Outcastes’ in contemporary India.

Rotterdam: Titojoe Documentaries 2005. ISBN 90-809375-1-7

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dalitlives” (…) In the hierarchy of the traditional Hindu caste system, still an influence in contemporary Indian society, to be a Dalit is to be an outcast, an untouchable. “Castes are the basis of our society. If the caste system loosens up, the whole society will fall apart” is the explanation offered by a municipal officer from Gujarat, interviewed in Veini’s informative introductory essay, for the Dalits’ continued suppression. (…) Van der Stap’s photographs portray this “hidden apartheid”. The cover portrait of Misala Arjamma, a 36-year-old Dalit who has been cleaning toilets in her village for the past 20 years says it all – prematurely aged, the hardship of this woman’s life is written all over her face.”  – Foto8