Café Bostella – the documentary

R50C006_interview_still_webThis documentary film is about Julia and her pub Café Bostella, located in Belgium only a stone’s throw from the Dutch border. In her 80s, Julia still runs the immensely popular pub on her own, just like she has done for more than 40 years. The success has not come easy, and now Julia faces a new threat: what will happen to the pub when working round the clock becomes too much for her? In the film, Julia shows her life that is for a great part defined by the pub, and the struggles belonging to it. Also regular guests from near and afar tell about the importance of the pub for their social life. Café Bostella is about persistence and loyalty in the face of quickly changing society and vanishing folk pub culture.

Trailer: trailer documentary Café Bostella

Café Bostella is now available on DVD in the Slowdocs webshop.

Film website (in Dutch): www.cafebostellafilm.com 

16-10-2016: Rex Essen (15:00h + 19:30h)
20-02-2017: docFeed documentary filmfestival
21-02-2017: Omroep Brabant
23-01-2018: filmtheater Hilversum

‘Brought into view with a lot of patience and a great empathy.’ – De Volkskrant
Read the article here (in Dutch).

We thank the Province of Antwerp, the City of Essen (B), the regional broadcasting company Omroep Brabant and 95 individual donators for their financial support.