We photograph, write and film out of curiosity for the world that keeps on astonishing and appalling us. Documentary projects are our means to share our astonishment with others.

It is important for us to work independently because it gives us the freedom to dwell on the strange and the unexpected.


Elisa Veini is documentary maker, writer and communication specialist with an academic background in Cultural Anthropology. Her essays and short stories have been published in magazines in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. Read her texts on www.elisaveini.com. Connect with Elisa on LinkedIn here.

Paul van der Stap is documentary photographer and cineast with an academic degree in Physics. He has attended several photography masterclasses (among others by Anders Petersen). His photographs are to be found in museum collections in the Netherlands and Belgium. Connect with Paul on LinkedIn here.

Titojoe documentaries has been our nick-name ever since we started working as a duo in the mid-nineties.


Next to documentary projects, we also make and produce publications, PR materials and audiovisual productions by order. See Commissioned work.